Our Roadmap to “I do”

The road to “I do” is always paved with lots of planning! Luckily, we’re here to do all the heavy lifting (at least for your ceremony) for you! Here is exactly how you can expect the process to go when you put your trust in us!

  1. Check Availability: Fill out your Name, Date, Location, Email, & Phone Number and we’ll check availability for your wedding and get back to you ASAP.
  2. Wedding Information Sheet (To be completed once you are ready to reserve your ceremony): basic “informational” questions (that should take less than 10 minutes) about you, your partner, your venue, and who you’re working with to plan your wedding!
  3. Wedding Basics (Digital Questionnaire): Through these 18 questions, we’ll gather some information about your general vision for your wedding, and some basic information needed to start planning the “logistics” of the ceremony.
  4. The Bridal Party (Digital Questionnaire): Tell us about those special people who will be standing by your side!
  5. The Ceremony Outline (Shared Electronic Document): I will guide you through the process as I construct the outline for your ceremony from your guests being seated to your exit as newlyweds! Most ceremonies generally have 10+/- “parts” from processional to recessional. I’ll explain all of them and make sure everything you want to include in included, and that everything you don’t want, isn’t!
  6. How did the two of you get here? (Shared Electronic Document): You and your partner will tell me about each other (independently of one another). I want to know how you met, why you fell in love, and why your partner is “the one”. You’ll answer a few short questions to help me learn about you, your relationship, and each other. 
  7. The Script (Shared Electronic Document): At this point, I will have enough information to begin writing your actual ceremony script. I will share it with you as a live document, that you can access at any time from first draft until your final approval!
  8. Your Wedding Workshop: We’re finally ready to have the WEDDING WORKSHOP! We will meet in person (or virtually if you prefer), fine tune the details, and get you wedding ready!
  9. You Submit Your Final Approval: Once I have your final script approval, we’re ready for a wedding!!!
  10. Rehearsal: I will provide full instruction and guidance to everyone participating in the ceremony using my “3 is key” process. Everyone will leave the rehearsal knowing exactly where to go and what to do on the big day, and we’ll address “what if’s” and how to handle them should they arise!


Your Ceremony: This is where the magic happens, and all the planning pays off! It’s time to get you MARRIED!