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How do I reserve my date(s)?

Check availability for your ceremony date here!

Once we’ve had a chance to chat and you’ve confirmed I’m the officiant for you (and that I’m available), you will fill out the Wedding Information Sheet. I’ll then email you an electronic version of my Contract for Officiating Services (which you can easily sign online) and an invoice for your deposit. Your date is officially locked in as soon as your contract is signed and your deposit is received.

Where and how do I get a marriage license?

All couples have to have a Florida marriage license (except for vow renewals). Find everything you need to know here.

Do you realize your rates are quite a bit higher than other officiants?

You’re right, they are. There are actually a few reasons why that’s the case. My number one reason is that I prefer to provide services that are above and beyond your run-of-the-mill ceremonies! I can guarantee you that your ceremony will be like no other! At lower rates, a couple of things can happen. The amount of time an officiant can dedicate to a particular couple is going to be limited simply based on the number of hours in a day. When there is no extra time to invest in researching, customizing, consulting, and fine tuning the perfect ceremony, well, the results can end up “typical”! I don’t want to do typical weddings! An officiant charging lower rates is also going to need to perform more ceremonies, possibly multiple in a single day, simply for financial reasons. I always prioritize quality over quantity. I don’t want to do as many ceremonies as possible, I only want to do the best ones! Yours! 

What are your payment terms?

All couples deserve the opportunity to have the perfect ceremony! Which is why I offer low deposits and flexible, interest free payment arrangements! A $100 nonrefundable, deposit is all that is required at the time of booking to lock in your date. 

The remaining balance can be paid in any installment arrangement that is convenient for you, with your final payment due 30 days before your ceremony. We can set up customized payment dates based on your needs at the time of booking! And travel can always be added or removed at anytime if you change your mind (as long as you haven’t already booked  your reservations at a specific resort).

Do you charge additional travel costs to come to our ceremony?

There are absolutely no additional travel costs! My travel for your ceremony and rehearsal is included in your package price! I won’t show up the day of your wedding and expect you pay my parking fees, or tolls (yes some officiants actually do and it is even in their contracts)! If you are having a destination wedding, have special circumstances, or just want it in black and white, I’m happy to send you a written quote up front at any time! What you are quoted for your ceremony location is all you will pay, PERIOD!

Do you officiate ceremonies for all types of couples?

ABSOLUTELY! My services are offered 100% without discrimination of race, religion, age, gender, ancestry, disability, status, political beliefs, or sexual orientation. LOVE IS LOVE!

Will you officiate themed weddings?

Not only will I officiate them, I’ll absolutely participate to help create your vision! Game of Thrones? Harry Potter? Star Wars? How can I help make it magical?

Will you meet with us in person to plan our ceremony?

Yes! I will be in regular contact with you from day 1 to “I do”!  As soon as your date is reserved,  the real ceremony planning begins! You may already know exactly what you want from your ceremony experience, or may have absolutely no idea! Either is absolutely ok! I will guide you through all of the possibilities and help you explore every option!

Each wedding package includes a one hour, in person (or virtual) wedding workshop. This meeting allows for you to communicate your tastes and beliefs to me in person, as well as for both parties to become better acquainted. Without a planning meeting, my ability to write and execute a personalized and truly meaningful ceremony, according to your wishes, is greatly diminished. Preferably, this meeting should take place at least one month before the ceremony, and no less than two weeks prior to your wedding unless that is absolutely impossible. I have been known to pull off a few last minute ceremony miracles in my day, so don’t be discouraged if your wedding is short notice! If I’m available, we will make it happen!

Will you use a “cookie cutter” ceremony script?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! You’ll find a couple of things set working with me apart. Most importantly to me, is the fact that I genuinely take an interest in your personal love story, and strive to convey that story, who you are as a couple, and all of the ways the two of you are uniquely special, through the completely customized ceremony I’ll create and share with you and your guests on the day of your wedding. Your ceremony will not be boring! And there will never be another one like it!

Will you attend the rehearsal?

Of course! And there is no additional charge! Rehearsals are SO important. Nerves can become very real on the day of for anyone participating, and my goal is for everyone to be as relaxed as possible and for your ceremony to be even more perfect than you’ve imagined! A simple run through in advance can make all the difference in the world. Is your venue not available for a rehearsal? NOT a problem! Fortunately, we can conduct one just about anywhere! A park, your front lawn, your parent’s living room, REALLY ANYWHERE you can practice walking down an isle and placement for the ceremony will work!

What if I have to cancel or reschedule my wedding?

Let’s hope not, but things do happen (hello COVID)! Should you need to reschedule at least 30 days in advance, I will gladly transfer your retainer fee to a new date one time at no additional charge.

Are you really going to send us on a FREE trip?

You betcha! Time together making memories is one of the most precious things in life! As my gift to you, we’ll sit down together and I’ll book a stay for the two of you that you can take to any of the resorts, dates, and locations available to me! Heck, use it as your honeymoon if that’s what you’d like, or my personal favorite, let me send you on your first anniversary trip!

Is there a catch? Are you sending me someplace I have to attend a timeshare presentation or something?

Nope! Absolutely not! I am an owner, and you will be staying at the resort as my guest. That means you will be treated like an owner as well, with any perks, privileges, benefits, and upgrades I personally would receive! There are no presentations to attend or any kind of catch. You will check in, enjoy your stay, and check out just like I or any other owner does!

Is there anything I would have to pay for?

As with staying at any resort you might book for a vacation, you are responsible for any travel and transportation costs to get there. If the resort requires a security deposit or any other fees at the time of check-in, those are the responsibility of the guest. Some resorts do have “all-inclusive” options, which might include meals, drinks, and/or onsite activities. If you choose those resorts/options, the costs are typically and paid for at check-in. Any fees can always be checked and verified before booking. Travel insurance is also always an option (as with any vacation) to cover unforeseen circumstances and any need to cancel.

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